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The Book is Almost Here!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been hinting at some cool stuff I’m doing with the launch of Cultivating Happiness.Next Wednesday — less than a week from now — I’m announcing something big.Ever since I’ve finished my book, I’ve been working on some really cool stuff to...

Take a Sneak Peek at my new Book

Last week I shared with you the cover and early reader feedback on my next book. If you missed that, let me know and I’ll send it again. Now I want to share with you a sneak peek from my new book, Cultivating Happiness: How I Tried (and Failed) to Implement...

A month of anxiety day 19 – asking for help

It shows up all over my life but asking for help for small things can send me into palpitations….even ordering take-out over the phone is near impossible. And of course yesterday I have to ask for something...

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