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Woohoo, I’m so glad you’re here (unless you’re a psychopathic killer)

Hopefully, you’re here because you are looking for that secret sauce that is going to make you happier and not on a killing spree. Happier at work. Happier at home. Happier starting your own business. Happier having better balance. Happier in whatever way makes sense to you.

I have some good news

Happiness, I’ve discovered, is both an emotion AND a skill set. That’s right. You can learn to be happy. And I don’t mean you have to spend months in mediation on a Tibetan Mountain. I mean there are practical and actionable things you can do today that will help you be happier.


The Real Me

We may as well get this out of the way. You’ll want to ask me at some stage. In 2018 my elder son died from bile duct cancer. It’s rare, aggressive and virtually always fatal. I know you’ll want to know how I can go on “preaching” about happiness when, to be blunt, there are large chunks of time when I am clearly NOT happy.  It’s a good question and one I still grapple with. I have learnt three things, though:

  • You can’t be 100% happy, 100% of the time. If you practice the things I teach you (and do myself), you can be more happy, more of the time.
  • The link between happiness and success remains (I’ve managed to publish two best-selling books in the time since Josh died)
  • The biggest barrier to implementing happiness techniques is worrying about what other people might think. I’ll tell you right now, that if you can’t learn from a plump woman in a Batman shirt then I’m probably not the right mentor for you.


The Boring Stuff

Happiness Whizz | Best Selling Author | Anxiety Specialist |Grief Advisor | Fortune 10 Executive Coach | Mentor

I am a Professional Certified Coach from the International Coaching Federation and have been practising as a coach, coach trainer, mentor and consultant for about a decade.

During that time, my client base has included Blue-chip Financial Institutions, Academic Institutions, Fortune Ten companies, entrepreneurs, other coaches, even the folk who run a national lottery.

Prior to becoming a coach, I held leadership positions in the FMCG, Manufacturing and Financial sectors (not at the same time, obviously).

I hold a Bachelor of Business Science in Accounting and Finance from the University of Cape Town and a host of certifications in coaching and change management tools.

I’d like my next client to be you

If you’re ready to start you’re a journey to happiness and success download a free copy of Happier at Work (which I would really like).

I’ll get going on to teaching you how to be happier so that you can get on with the business of being more successful.


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