Last Chance: 10 hours left!

Today is the last day to grab a copy of Cultivating Happiness and get access to all of the free giveaways.If you missed the early previews, here’s what the book is about: Penny Castle is on a madcap chase in pursuit of that most elusive of conditions: happiness....

The Giveaways are Almost Gone

There’s only one day left to pick up a copy of my book Cultivating Happiness and get access to all of the free giveaways. If you buy right now, I’ll immediately send you:The exclusive version of the 5-Day Failing Back to Fun ChallengeA clickable book list of all the...

Hurry up with Your Cultivating Happiness Pre-order

Wow! I was blown away by the response to the last email. Some of the things you said were even kind ? Thank you so much for the feedback on Sally and, if you’ve already ordered, for getting behind Cultivating Happiness. If you missed the announcement, make sure...

I still can’t believe this is really happening

Did you ever have a secret wish to do something but it felt too audacious to even mention? Well for me that’s calling myself an author.In fact, even though the book I co-wrote with Josh became a best-seller, I still find my tongue getting tangled when people ask...

Cultivating Happiness and How to Get Some Cool Freebies

In just three weeks my new book Cultivating Happiness will be published. I can’t wait to share this with you! Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be sending you several emails sharing exclusive excerpts, bonus content and other cool stuff from the book. But for now,...

Happier at Work

In this guide, you’ll go through a step-by-step process to:
•See how staying in this job can be the best road to happiness
•Explore how taking personal accountability will lead to a long and happy career and how you can do it
•Discover the five steps you can take to bring you happiness in the job you have
•Figure out how to apply these five steps to your own situation to increase your happiness at work 

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