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Some say she was born in a barn. All we know is...

Cure wasn't what I expected. It was written by Josh, a teenage boy with cancer, and published posthumously with help from Josh's mother. I never met Josh but I imagine he was much like this book  -creative, intense, energetic, conflicted, and with a surprise ending. The book is both so real and so...surreal. You can read it in an hour or two. I highly recommend it.

Heath Mason

Blogger, 2Summers

Penny’s expertise is unparalleled! Her keen coaching skills coupled with her valuable insight have helped me succeed beyond my expectations, and have fun doing it! But it’s Penny’s uncanny ability to direct you to the most important actions that makes all the difference. You can’t help but get happy with Penny, as she’s an outstanding happiness guide. 

Lee Van Loggerenberg

Founder, Big Little Business

Cure forces you to consider what price you would pay to save the one you love – and whose life you would willingly hang in the balance. Joshua Castle’s writing is visceral and unforgettable.

Tayla Blaire

Writer and Editor