Weird things to think about:C​heese Smuggling Hats

Recently my mentor, Lee, commented that I created great video content on me living my weird. I was happy. Then she said that I didn’t tell you, dear watcher, enough about how to live your weird. I was cross. So here is one of the many weird things to think about...

A happier parent-teacher conference

Last week I had a parent-teacher conference. Am I the only one who finds them excruciating? Anyway, if you get anxious too, here are some...
Messing About in Water

Messing About in Water

The chlorine stings my eyes. I blink. Shards of sunlight glitter against the chip-tile bottom of the pool. The hem of my faded t-shirt floats upwards, oblivious to the panic and pressure swelling in my chest. White-hot air smoulders and expands behind my pubescent...

Happier at Work

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•Figure out how to apply these five steps to your own situation to increase your happiness at work 

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