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A month of anxiety day 10 – pills

My friend (and writing mentor),¬†Josie can often be heard singing “Pills and booze, pills and booze, first you win and then you lose.” I don’t really do much booze but I do a lot of pills these days. Let’s take a look in Penny’s Magic box of happiness.

A month of anxiety day 9 – Leggings

I recently went to a party (I know!!) and was mortified to realise that everyone thinks of me as “the leggings lady”. Then I started counting how many pairs I actually have…

A month of anxiety day 7 – Vegans

I am truly, truly sorry about this one. But, the seemingly endless FB posts of mutilated animals and the shaming of the vegan movement leaves in a state of total anxiety. I’m really sorry....

A month of anxiety day 6 – shirts

It occurred to me in the early hours of the morning that you might think I wear the same shirt every day. I do, in fact, have a number of similar...

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