Did you ever have a secret wish to do something but it felt too audacious to even mention? Well for me that’s calling myself an author.

In fact, even though the book I co-wrote with Josh became a best-seller, I still find my tongue getting tangled when people ask me what I do. I end up saying stupid things like, “not much”. In fact, it was only when my son, Chris, put AUTHOR on a school form that allowed myself to even consider thinking about myself that way.

And now the launch of my latest book is only a few days away!

Thank you so much for getting behind Cultivating Happiness.

You won’t believe how much it means to me (and even to Sally).

If you missed the announcement, make sure to [click here to see all kinds of cool giveaways you can access: https://pennycastlewriter.com/cultivating-happiness/

Here’s a little quote thingie from the book.