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Kindness is a verb – best in the DOING not the talking

I lost a bit of confidence this week, once all the “launch” activities were over. Then a friend did me a great kindness. It’s been making me think about kindness in general and to wonder what I can DO to be more kind.

A Cancerland action-thriller

November has been a tricky month in Cancerland. If this was a movie we’d be in the part where the tension is mounting.

The Handkerchief

The Handkerchief

“Hands, hands, handkerchief!” The woman demands in a Scottish accent. She’s standing next to the chocolate brown painted hand-rail at the top of the stairs and blocking the route down.

How to be resilient

Chris is strong. He hasn’t just coped but thrived in the hardest of years. It leaves me with no doubt that Chris will manage whatever life can throw at him. He is resilient.

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