The object of my affection

The object of my affection

Wookiee remains on the stoep. His tail sweeps left and right. Left and right. His front paws stamp out a two-step and he whines at across to me – not a cars-length away. He wants to come to the garden but the dew laden lawn presents and impenetrable barrier.

The right way to eat cucumber

I recently posted a picture of an African Horned Cucumber (also called Jelly Melon) onto a gardening Facebook group.

Perfect gardening weather: how to get it

Since planting the veggie garden my interest in gardening weather has escalated. It seems that the garden and I do not always agree on what constitutes the best meteorological conditions.

Lessons from rhubarb (and Maggie Smith)

Rhubarb, it turns out has a lot to teach us about substance over form. In my opinion desserts have been going downhill even since the seventies. Ever since they stopped being pudding and became dessert and “stodgy” was codemned. Specifically, I mourn the demise of rhubarb related puddings.

How to eat a peach

I’m leaning over the kitchen sink. I take a first bite of the first peach I have ever grown. The skin is slightly tougher that commercial varieties. There is a milliseconds worth of hesitation as my teeth encounter the skin and then break through. Sweet, peachy juice erupts in my mouth and dribbles down my chin.

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