A Venetian Cemetery

I pause at the sign that is posted by the entrance. I try to imagine the kind of person that would interrupt a funeral-in-progress. This, along with eating, drinking, taking photographs and sitting on the grass, is prohibited on Isola di San Michele: Venice’s island cemetery. 

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Will they be forgotten by Chris Castle

Lost Someone is lost Gone Someone is gone   Time Time carries on Pain Pain carries on   Do you forget about pain Do you forget about time Do you forget about them   Worry I worry my mind will leave it all behind   Want I want to remember the joyful days I...

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I’ve been busy, okay?

I've neglected you and I'm sorry. I do have a good excuse though. I've had my nose to the grindstone doing all the behind the scenes stuff related to getting Joshua's book, Cure, published. It's both easier and more fiddly and time-consuming than I'd imagined. I've...

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