It is one of those days when there is power when we were supposed to load shed. The artisans who were booked for later in the week turned up early. Yup – that’s stone cutting going on ins background and probably a spot of close up dog madness if one of the dares to come near the window. The freezer is on the blink so I’m sending food parcels to Chris’s teachers and…..

So I have decided to think about the traditional things other businesses would do to be happy. You guessed it. What you wear and decor. Apparently, it all comes down to goes.

Happier at Work

In this guide, you’ll go through a step-by-step process to:
•See how staying in this job can be the best road to happiness
•Explore how taking personal accountability will lead to a long and happy career and how you can do it
•Discover the five steps you can take to bring you happiness in the job you have
•Figure out how to apply these five steps to your own situation to increase your happiness at work 

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