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Tag: food

The wrong definition of strong

I’ve been told I am strong more times than I can count this year. Thank you.

The thing is, though, that I don’t feel strong at all. On the best days I feel like I’m doing what any other parent would do. On the worst days…well on the worst days, I long for the oblivion of sleep only to find myself staving off midnight’s monsters whilst thirsting for first-light.

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A trip to the dietician

“Mostly, I like eating sour worms.” Josh told the dietician. His tone was half-way between a confession and a challenge.

On the way here I’d shared my fear that I’d have to defend my any-calorie-is-a-good-calorie stance.

The dietician smiled and looked down at her notes.

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Food, cancer, non-food and judgement

This week I read an article on the evils of a supplement Josh uses regularly. My main objection was the advocacy of “plain, old fashioned balanced eating” as the one, true solution: lots of chicken soup and veggies to be precise. That doesn’t seem too bad does it? Many people in my circle have advocated the same thing. Here’s the part you maybe don’t see…

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