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The Joshua Castle Drone Club

This morning I was asked to say a few words at the launch of the Joshua Castle Drone Club. This is (more or less) what I said.

Some unexpectedly nice news

I was feeling miserable yesterday but some unexpectedly nice things happened. Posted by Penny Castle Writer – My Garden Crush on Wednesday, 18 April...

I got published in Elephant Journal! – 3 ways to contribute

I’m beyond excited today – The Elephant journal featured my article. If the article gets 3333 views they will make it a featured article. Will you do me a favour and head on over to read it and, if you want to be especially kind, leave a comment there?...

Why I’m not in therapy

Over they years I’ve recommended therapy to any number of clients. But now, when I face days when getting out of bed can feel like an achievement, I’m not going.

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