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About Penny

In 2009 I retained as an executive coach in the hope that a change in career would help me find my happiness. It did but not in the way I was expecting. I spent almost a decade FAILING at implementing all the collected wisdom of the self-help movement and felt miserable. I told my friends and family, hoping they'd join me in a pity-party but instead they laughed and laughed. Once I'd repaired my tattered ego I realised that my fails were pretty funny. And that I enjoyed telling people about them and seeing them laugh. Despite all my failures, I'd accidentally become happier.

Today I am a writer (yup, I wrote a book about my happiness fails), happiness consultant and specialised coach. Mostly though, I'm a happy failure.

The Challenge Begins on 1 January 2019.








Her wisdom and guidance turned what could have been another run-of-the-mill session into a voyage of discovery and understanding. She helped us to see the big picture and encouraged us to skillfully navigate the challenges ahead of us. She is an intelligent, courageous and committed professional, and was able to challenge and focus our thinking.


Penny is the wisest and most talented author I have ever been.

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