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Thank you, Nancy

Writing and knowing that someone bears witness to my attempts to make sense of this experience is a huge gift. (Thank you). I admit to feeling a kind of pious, selfless pleasure, this morning, knowing I was giving Nancy that gift. And, as always when I get a little above my station the universe, in the form of Nancy’s story, is quick to turn my thinking on its head.

He made a difference…

The kids in Joshua’s grade had to write a reflective essay this week. They were asked to select a poem or song which reflected something important to them. I got this note from Joshua’s (and my) friend (and teacher to us both) about a different boy in the grade.

The worst day of my life

Last week my surviving son, Chris, handed me a piece of paper with the following essay printed on it. I’m both heartbroken and proud of what he had to say:

Look at the stars

I woke up to the news that Stephen Hawking has died. The world seems a little less bright, a little less clever this morning.

Ladybird court: singing, dancing and aphid feasting

I confess, my desire to protect the ladybird came less from utility and more from simple joy. I have been a devoted ladybird lover since childhood. Instead of tugging out the offending shoot I found myself reliving my first ladybird memory.

How to make peace with autumn

For the last few weeks I’ve been alternately avoiding the garden and clearing out the last of the summer crops.

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